Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm back!

I am ashamed that it has been nearly 5 months since I blogged! Little Sam is not so little - over 22lbs and nearly 9 months old! He is an absolute joy and delight to be around and is so happy he is a blessing to more people than I can say, especially me!

We had a dedication service at church for him on the 7th June - our opportunity to thank God for him and publicly promise to be the best parents we can be. It was also a chance to say thank you to our wonderful church, family and friends for the support and encouragement they have been over the pat 6 year as we waited for Sam and after he was born. Eleanor, who was with me and kept me sane during my labour, read a passage from the Bible that was and is important to me in light of all we went through - 1 Samuel 1:9-20. Even friends who don't usually go to church thought it was so relevant to our circumstances.
guess the other news I should share is... I'm pregnant with baby number 2!! How funny - God has a sense of humour, I can say that with assurance now! We are thrilled to bits to be expecting a brother or sister for Sam and so soon (that was always my ideal scenario!) I am due on December 22nd which should make for a very interesting Christmas. I am determined not to be 10 days overdue this time though - I know, I know, there is little I can so to control these things! However I will be hammering those old wives tales from 37 weeks, oh and going on my parent's neighbour's trampoline! (I am kind of joking about the trampoline but they is no judging how desperate I will become at the end!)

This pregnancy has been very different so far - I had morning sickness for one. 5 weeks of it to be exact and it was more like morning, afternoon and night sickness. I'm not complaining mind you, it was a challenge but it could be so much worse!

People keep asking me what I want - another boy or a girl so we have one of each. I can honestly say I don't mind. Sam is awesome and my main prayer for him is that he has a sibling he is close to and that when I and his dad die he has someone to go through it with and that they support and love each other. I know it sounds a bit daft but knowing I always have my sister is very important to me. I want Sam to know that security of family.

I am back at work now and yes, I know, not for long!! I am missing Sam during the day but I love the smile I get when I go and pick him up from my mum. Knowing he is in such safe hands is a massive comfort and gets me to the end of the day. My mum is a real hero.


Penelope said...

Welcome back, congrats on #2 :) What are the old wives tales to ensure you aren't overdue?

Your son is sooo cute!

Liz said...

Old wives tales include... eating A LOT of pineapple, sex, walking, rasberry leaf tea! I really dread the thought of going as long as I did with Sam! The last 10 days were so hard and I was so ready to meet him at that point!! X