Monday, 10 November 2008

I am tired. My beautiful son spent much of the night bringing back anything we gave him to drink then laughing about it... Much as it was precious to share his first giggles, I never imagined it would be whilst in bed covered in sick. These are the joys of parenting that no one told me about!

I love my son in a way I never thought possible and I am excited about what the future holds for him. I want to be a mother that strives to bring out his potential and do all in my power to see him happy and fulfilled. That's what my mum did and continues to do for me.

The other consequence of having Sam I didn't fully appreciate is how much more I would fall in love with my husband Pete. Watching him love Sam brings out a new part of him that is beautiful and adds a new strength to our marriage - we make a good team!

Our marriage is important. One of the reasons we were confident about getting married young (I was 21 and Pete 22) was that the examples set by our parents was so good and the way in which we were raised nurtured us and gave us all we needed emotionally and spiritually to lay good foundations in our own life together. Our marriage and how we treat one another will shape so much of what Sam becomes - how he speaks to others, how he shows love, how he relates to people of the opposite sex, how he deals with conflict even - we are his first point of reference. What a responsibility! But what a priviledge that God would trust us with something so precious.

I want us to be an example for my son. Just as I will be proud of him (embarrassingly so I imagine...) I want him to be proud of me.

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