Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Back after a rather long and unintended absence...

Where to start, 18 months has passed since I was last here. I must do my best to improve on this score...
I gave birth last year on 13th December to our daughter Ruth Grace. Ruth is a very spirited baby, she is outgoing and adventurous and has such a happy disposition it's infectious. She is named after my mum who is amazing and one of my heroes. She is an inspiration to me and someone I consider a role model. Grace is the name of Pete's grandma and she is lovely too - someone who takes great pride in her family and loves each member dearly.

I have found having 2 babies under the age of 2 very challenging, especially because Sam is such hard work with his eczema - his routine is long and thorough and he doesn't always co operate. (Who can blame him!) Thankfully I have an incredible husband, wonderful family and supportive and loving church all of whom I am thankful to and for.

My next challenge is moving forward in my career. It is a challenging area of my life because although I love what I do I am not sure if this is the place for me long term and if God has something else in store. While I am reliant on Him for direction, I know that I have a part to play - including praying and 'pushing' on some doors. I am doing some studying that I hope will help me and inspire me. To be honest it doesn't help that my career isn't a major priority. Sure, we have bills and a mortgage, and we pay them. No, we don't have enough leftover for fancy foreign holidays and the kids don't have designer clothes and they won't have a private education. However, they are loved, fed, clean, read too, played with, prayed with, danced with, laughed with, cuddled, chased, tickled and happy. My children are so precious to me and I will never get these years back again so I plan to enjoy them and make sure my children get the best of me and not just what is leftover.

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